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You don't have to be a quirky a band of sports-fanatics like us to be chomping at the bit for the full return of sport!

We help you, your team or your club find the support you need to do more sport.....be that going to the Paralympics or the park. 

We want to make sport more accessible to all those wanting to enjoy its vast social, physical and mental health benefits.


If people feel invested in a project, they're bound to take better care of it....

...see the APP or members area for more detail on Groups & Forums

collect donations

By teaming up with Giving for Sport you and your campaign can benefit from Gift Aid and other incentives!


Share Tips, Tricks & Stacks using the shared gallery on the mobile site or the APP!

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We are a charity that helps make sport cheaper

We are recognised by HMRC as a charity.
As such, we are able to collect donations (and apply for Gift Aid) on behalf of amateur sport.

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Who can apply for our help?

"all people in amateur sport" 👊

...as can be seen from our objects above, our remit covers all individuals/teams/clubs in amateur sport - no matter their age, ability, creed or location.

From the pub team's sparkly new kit thanks to a dusty pintglass full of tips, to a bobsled for the Olympics - if you're not being paid....if you, your team or club are classified as an amateur, then we can help!