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If this gets anywhere near as big as current consensus suggests it might, then we have to be sure our solution is scalable.

So we’ve been beavering away in the background, into the wee hours, all the while steadily signing up to new platforms, making new friends, testing the method and most of all…….. learning on the hoof!!!

…tbh we’ve been live for a fair while but we want to be as prepared as possible.

The below is very early stages but I think it needs to exist..

I know it’s too fast and still too long…

…however, I think it flows OK and covers the important topics…if not getting it across anywhere as succinctly or pretty as I want….

…OMG I think I might actually want a Mac right now…shame on me!

This week could signal time to let it loose, be the real launch of something five years in the planning.

Hopefully starting with those who inspire so much hope and grit in us all…in who’s company and later cherished friendship, I became a better human……………

…….watch this space!

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