We’re here to make sport cheaper.

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No matter your age, location or standard…as long as you are an amateur, we can help.

We are a Gift Aid eligible charitable entity that provides innovative funding solutions for sport.

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How can we help?


It is indisputable that participation in sport vastly improves our social, mental and physical health.

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Our mission is to make those benefits available for ALL

We want to make sport cheaper.

We do this by maximising the efficiency of the fundraising process.

On top to that we can then apply for Gift Aid!!!

Your cause will receive the full value of your donation whilst you also gain from all eligible tax relief.

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We provide receipts in a format acceptable to your localtax authority requirements.


We support you with not only a low cost, tax efficient method of collecting donations, but also innovative and user friendly tools!

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Let’s get you some Gift Aid

We want to help you find the support you need to get the most out of your sport…..be that going to the Paralympics or the park. 

Lets get going!
Please download and complete the form below. 


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We have partnered with charities and tech providers to ensure you, your donors and your sponsors have the best possible user experience while using a model that is driven to  ensure ALL parties benefit from every available tax incentive, no matter their geographic or tax location. 

We currently support the following fundraising methods:


Giving for Sport is a Gift Aid eligible, donor tax efficient, International sports funding solution

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Having received our Gift Aid number, we are now able to accept and process donations via the following means:

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Gift Aid for Individual donors

As a donor, you are now able to fully benefit from all the tax rebates that Gift Aid eligibility allows.

Corporate donations & sponsorship

See how rebates would work for your business here…..

Payroll Giving & PAYE

Donations are allocated out of your pay packet BEFORE TAX

Donate while you shop….


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