What we do

We help cover the cost of amateur sport.

We want to make sport cheaper for everyone

We’ve done all the boring stuff so you can focus on your goals – be that sneaking one inside the post at the park or smashing personal bests in the Paralympics!

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We help you not only maximise the support you currently work so hard for, but help you reach out so much further via a vast array of user-friendly and innovative methods !

How it works

We are recognised as a charity for the purposes of funding amateur sport.

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Exactly what that means is set out in an agreement with the government (HMRC) – our charitable “objects“:

To promote the participation of all people in amateur sport…

Our remit covers you, your team, your school or your loved one, irrespective of age, creed, gender or proficiency.

As long as you are classified as an amateur, we can help!

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How we help

In addition to our own ability to apply for Gift Aid on your behalf, we grant you access to some of the best sporting facilities, manufacturers, and ground-breaking tech providers to ensure you, your donors and your supporting entities get the most out of their kind generosity.

How we can help YOU

Our mission is to support and promote the most fun way to stay healthy – SPORT!!

Whether you’re off to the park or the Paralympics, we want to make that more affordable.

How does making your current funding go 10%* further sound?

Wouldn’t it be great if your supporters could claim money back from the government?

Imagine how much more corporate support you might be able to drum up with the added incentive of corporation tax rebates!


Giving for Sport - sharing the burden of fundraising

Who we are

Giving for Sport ltd. is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, recognised and registered as a charity by HMRC for the purposes of funding amateur sport as of March 2019.

Our mission is to make it cheaper and easier for everyone to enjoy the many health benefits of sport