We want to make sport cheaper for everyone

We are a Gift Aid eligible charitable entity that provides accessible and innovative funding solutions for amateur sport.

No matter your age, location or standard…as long as you’re not on TV*, we can help!

*ie: UNPAID/classified as an AMATEUR

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We believe sport provides the sort of real-life exhilaration becoming concerningly rare in our digital times.

Win or lose,
come rain or shine,
for fun or for the cup,

…sport is an awesome way to boost more than just
our physical health.

Our mission is to make it cheaper and easier for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of sport.


We can help you maximise the vital financial support needed to get the most out of your sport…..be that going to the Paralympics or the park.

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Along with our own ability to collect Gift Aid on your behalf, we have partnered with other charities and tech providers to ensure you, your donors and your sponsors enjoy the many easy and efficient methods we can provide for your fundraising.

Want our help?


We promise to show our gratitude by maximising the impact of your every penny.

Whether you are giving for sport as an individual or business…

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We make Giving for Sport easy and efficient

Here’s how donating to your cause via us works:

Gift Aid for Individual donors

As a donor, you are now able to fully benefit from all the tax rebates that Gift Aid eligibility allows.

Corporate donations & sponsorship

See what government tax incentives are applicable to your business

Payroll Giving & PAYE

Donations are allocated out of your pay packet before tax

These are but a few of the innovative and user friendly donation tools we can provide – click below for more…